So obsessed with gun control is the president that he had a Newtown victim’s mother give the White House radio address today.

This is over the top! He has used these poor people as tools from the first day of the shooting. He had them appear on 60 Minutes, interviewed by Steve (toady) Krofft. He brought them back on Air Force One to plead his cause and pressure individual senators. Now he has one give his Saturday speech to display their heartache to fellow Americans.

How dare he use these poor people to push propaganda! I hope the NRA fires back. If an armed officer had been at the school with one gun he could have stopped Adam Lanza from his killing spree.

Obama desperately wants to take away our guns. It is out of humanitarian reasons? If so, why doesn’t he concentrate on the murder capital of Chicago? Could it be that these laws don’t work? Could it be that another reason causes these killings?

He just wants to disarm us, period. That is a great threat to every freedom loving American.

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