Smart Meter Topic on KWAM

Two talk shows on radio station KWAM (am 990) in Memphis tackled the smart meter controversy yesterday.

The Charlotte and Charles show plus The Labor Agenda show discussed it. Charlotte Bergmann raised the question on facebook, “Can smart meters bring the Memphis dommunity together? It’s happening now!” She featured this video, which is a good introduction to what smart meters will mean:

On The Labor Agenda the two hosts brought up more issues. As one said, “We have learned that smart meters are having a harmful effect on human health, catching fire and having the opposite effect of decreasing energy costs in your home. They cited Council woman Janis Fullilove who had one put on her home only to find her costs went up significantly. When it was removed, she then had her costs drop.

They continued with the fact that once a company or person obtains data, they are going to do something with it. Power companies want that foot in the door of your house that smart meters give them to find out what you are up to. If they think you use too much energy, who’s to say they won’t cut you off?

The hosts noted that MLGW is about to sign a contract for 60,000 new meters. It will go before the MLGW Board first, probably pass and then go to the City Council to be approved on Thursday. They believe that the meters will be put in by zip code with the first groups to get them in north and south Memphis – the poorer areas.

The show urged Memphians to be proactive instead of reactive and stop them before they are implemented.

Another issue connected with smart meters is their vulnerability to hackers. Even as far away as Asia, hackers could successfully shut down our power grids. Think that wouldn’t happen? Well, people never thought the World Trade Center would be reduced to rubble in three hours either.

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