Papering Over Our Problems

What a bunch of crazy headlines in today’s Commercial Appeal!

“Years of annexation result in vast, thinly populated city.” Could it be that years of rule by Democrats with their penchant for raising taxes here every way they can think of, has had an effect? Could it be that liberal ideas on crime and education have resulted in unsafe neighborhoods and kids who barely read getting a diploma?

“Boomers push doctor-assisted dying in end of life movement.” The subhead reads: Support grows as more states weigh legislation. Could it be that the push for abortion has so lowered the respect we have for life that we’re heading towards euthanasia? Already our population is being thinned by abortionists like Dr. Kermit Gosnell who jump to the next logical step – snipping the necks of children born alive? Could this problem have anything to do with the above issue?

A related story in the Business section says: “‘Difficult’ drug shortages are part of everyday life in health care.” So now, with the coming implementation of Obamacare, shortages are routine? This is the new normal they talk about. The administration wants you to think that it has always been this way, but our own eyes and the facts tell us that it hasn’t. The next and imminent step is the tremendous shortage of doctors for Americans who up until a few years ago had the best health care system in the world.

Then the Local section takes a quote from Council member Jim Strickland “‘People are voting with their tail lights.’ Again, elected officials, can’t you get the connection? The more you tax people the more they will leave. And there are ample opportunities to escape easily what with available, low cost living in Eads, Desoto county, Fayette County and other places no one ever heard of until recently.

Of course, we don’t expect to get by a reading of the newspaper without several slaps at Republicans. “Republicans bend ‘entitlements’ truth” reads an op ed headline. Silly us, alarmed at a debt we can never pay off now that Obama is in office! Debt that cripples growth and saddles young people with a heavy burden should be brushed aside so we can give more Obama voters several free phones and students weekend meals. I bet that if a Republican gains the White House the media will suddenly find this issue his or her fault and then it will be very important indeed.

Wendi Thomas never fails in her propaganda either. “Tennessee legislature worse than Mississippi.” This is part of the wave of anger Democrats want to build so that Republicans could be chased from every office in 2014 and Democrats win in Nashville and take the House for Obama in the elections. Believe me, whatever GOPers do in Nashville – even if they singlehandedly find a cure for cancer – the media will find a reason to criticize them.

“Newtown mom pleads for gun control” another screams. ‘Please help us do something’ it continues. More laws aren’t going to stop the lawless or insane from killing sprees. Republicans certainly abhor the violence at Sandy Hook, but recognize it is being used, cruelly, to take guns from citizens.

Yes, another day, another slew of liberal smears.

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