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I was underwhelmed by Obama’s performance yesterday. He came out, gave a brief speech promising “the full weight” of our government to get this taken care of; thoughts and prayers; doing everything we can; not Democrats or Republicans; blah, blah, blah. How long til he blames the bombing on the sequester?

Deval Patrick’s performance wasn’t any better. The governor of Massachusetts looked like he didn’t know much about what was going on. Democrats will praise him, but he doesn’t have much to do except depend on his local hardworking police, the feds via the FBI and the DOD.

By this time, if memory serves, the Bush administration had lots of information on the 9/11 hijackers who, by the way, used Boston’s Logan airport in their plans. This is another failure by Obama. There’s been Fort Hood, the Benghazi embassy killings and the 25 year old woman ambassador who died recently in Afghanistan. None of these people was adequately protected either.

Some of this is because liberals don’t seem to take terrorism seriously. Like Secretary of State John Kerry, they think talking to the enemy will be persuasive or, perhaps, they will stop when money is dangled in front of them. A lot of Bostonians today are probably wondering why it happened to them when they are so much more tolerant and open minded than conservatives.

The media has been on this 500% even though we don’t know many facts yet. That’s how they act. At first they plaster television with their speculations which, incidentally are politically driven. Then, when information comes out they are less and less interested. The truth gets the least coverage of all. It drives me crazy!

Interesting that we’re looking at mass murder/casualties and no gun is involved. Obama people are probably looking for some way to blame it on a gun nut, right winger or Tea Party person. I understand CNN has already floated that possibility.

Perhaps if someone had had a gun, they could have stopped some of it. It will be interesting to see if the gun control issue gets pushed back for a while. Maybe we are pushing people towards bombs now rather than guns. Bombs can do a lot more damage than a man with a gun. The worst school murder incident happened in Bath, Michigan in the 1927 when a guy blew up a building, killing 44 people and injuring 58.

Americans will say prayers for the victims of this terrible tragedy. Too bad vigilance wasn’t in place or this might not have happened.

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