Important MLGW Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 18, MLGW will hold its board meeting at 1:30 at 220 S. Main. The topic will be one that touches every Memphian: smart meters.

MLGW wants funding for 60,000 more smart meters. If you know anything about this topic, you do not share this wish. It would be better for Memphians to come out tomorrow and share their objections with the Board than to wait until smart meters are implemented. Like weeds in a yard, once these ideas take hold, they crowd out everything good and eventually take over the whole yard.

Anyone who has heard of Agenda 21 knows that smart meters – and the control they give the government over citizens – is an important goal for proponents.

Here are some other reasons that smart meters pose a threat to citizens:

Although they are being pressed on us as a way for users to save money, unless you modify your behavior after installing them, your bill will go up. Time of use rates will charge more for electricity during peak usage times. Who will this most effect? The elderly, stay at home moms with small children or special needs, those who work nights or odd hours,etc.

Smart meters can be easily hacked. There are no federal safeguards to protect customer information. The information on you can be shared. Hackers can also turn off your meters or play around with them and even compromise the system. Chinese have already been caught doing this in the U.S.

Activists tell me that “smart meters do not save money for the utility company, much less for users. The current analog meters are almost 100% efficient and only have to be replaced on average every 30 years. Why fix a system that ain’t broke?
“The Pilot program was for 1200 electrical smart meters. If that was such a success, why are’t we continuing with Itron, the company that supplied these smart meters. Also, the pilot program was only for the electrical meters and not the gas and water meters. How do we know the gas and water meters are going to be reliable?

“Theft of power can still be a big probably with smart meters. Puerto Rico has reported theft of power by hacking into smart meters.”

Labor unions claim the meters can easily burst into flames.

For more information on smart meters, this site has a whole series devoted to their problems.

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