The X Factor

Why do two x chromosomes cause so many to become unhinged when it comes to politics.

Excuse me, I must clarify. Two X chromosomes in a conservative drive the Left crazy.

We all found out how much they despise conservative women when Sarah Palin took the stage. They went after her with a vengeance not seen in earlier politics. The worst offenders were themselves women. Go figure. I can’t.

This occurred to me while watching a retrospective on Margaret Thatcher on the BBC. Our media probably embraced the tragedy in Boston as an opt out for covering the funeral of the Iron Lady. It’s a shame because she was quite admirable.

Thatcher did bring Britain a decade or more of renewed economic vigor and pride in country. But logic has no place in the minds of liberals. They are so hate filled they can’t even let the woman rest in peace.

At her funeral yesterday another woman stood out. This time an American, but also a Thatcher. Margaret’s granddaughter, Amanda, delivered a reading from Epistles with poise and aplomb. Already many are wondering if this Texan might have a role in American politics.

Evidently her brother is already active in Republican politics.

The Telegraph shares this information:

Michael Thatcher, the only grandson of the grocer’s daughter who became the world’s most powerful woman, now serves customers at a store and pharmacy in Texas.

Like his great-grandfather Alfred Roberts before him, Mr Thatcher works long shifts while serving as a committed Christian and conservative in his free time. After graduating from Texas A&M University in Chemistry, the subject Lady Thatcher read at Oxford in the 1940s, the 24-year-old now hands out prescriptions along with the snacks, cosmetics and greetings cards on offer.

His sister Amanda, meanwhile, also appears to harbour Thatcherite ambitions. Graduating from school last year, the 19-year-old was voted most likely to “change the world” by her peers.

Baroness Thatcher’s grandchildren, who will travel to London for her funeral next week, live in Dallas with their mother, Diane Beckett, who is the ex-wife of Sir Mark Thatcher, the former prime minister’s son.

Said to be “heartbroken” at Lady Thatcher’s death, Michael Thatcher appeared tearful during a brief conversation with The Telegraph on his doorstep this week, during which he politely declined to comment.

“They’re grieving, but they are also very moved by all the outpouring of emotion around the world,” said a friend of Mr Thatcher and his sister, who is studying at university in Richmond, Virginia.

A proud supporter of his grandmother’s legacy, Mr Thatcher recently worked for a Republican-aligned political group that aims to “educate and empower the Hispanic community with conservative values”. A former colleague said: “Michael has always been very discreet and prudent, but he stands strong on his conservative values. He’s friendly and respectful, and never used the Thatcher name to get ahead.”

Led by Mrs Beckett’s husband, James, the family are also evangelical Christians. A small crucifix bearing the slogan “He is risen!” sat on the lawn of their large home in Dallas this week.

Biblical verses took prominent place in the yearbook entries for both grandchildren as they graduated in recent years from the private Highland Park High School. Their mother has donated thousands of dollars to Republican candidates and sits on the board of an anti-abortion campaign group.

Perhaps there is hope after all.

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