Democrat Angst

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post – hardly an optomist or a conservative Republican (pretty moderate, in fact) – penned an article on ten reasons Democrats should squirm in 2014. It will cheer up GOPers who still feel bruised from the November election:

“After extracting only the most minimal tax hike from Republicans, crying wolf and losing on the sequester and then getting smacked down on anti-gun legislation you, can understand how Democrats may be a little down in the dumps.

Well, here are some more worries for them to ponder:

1. Complaining about and name-calling the “shameful” senators who opposed the background checks on guns depresses turnout and fundraising, leading to losses in red state races critical for Democrats to hold the Senate in 2014.

2. Obamacare really is a “train wreck,” causing its delay (another downer for the left) or further bolstering opposition to the bill. This makes reelection that much harder for Democrats who voted for it.

3. Another foreign policy crisis breaks out with plenty of recriminations directed both at the White House and at Senate Dems for “leading from behind,” putting in a dullard as secretary of defense and slashing national security spending. (In addition, more details may come out on Benghazi, Libya.) This also spells trouble for their frontrunners in 2016.

4. Unemployment remains high.

5. Immigration reform passes, taking away a stick with which to beat Republicans.

6. Immigration reform fails, making clear the president is a political weakling and setting up the GOP for the argument that with a GOP Senate and someone like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) in the White House we’d solve our immigration problem.

7. President Obama gets a deal on entitlement reform, upsetting his base.

8. Obama gets no entitlement reform, leading to recriminations that he wasted political capital and further estranged independent voters.

9. Republicans in state houses and/or Congress introduce legislation to ban late-term abortion and /or more heavily regulate abortion clinics.

10. Republicans nominate sane, sober candidates to run in competitive Senate seats in 2014.”

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