It’s Worse Than We Thought

If this Boston bombing proves anything, it’s that Barack Obama has done a much poorer job of protecting this nation than we have been told.

Considering that’s the primary duty of the president, this is reason to reevaluate the man who is our Commander in Chief. Republicans have been signaling he’s a danger from the 2007 primaries on, but it fell on deaf ears. Those ears may still be closed, but the eyes have got to be wide open.

After 9/11, President Bush made sure no terrorist attacks happened here. But, not long after becoming president, Obama was in charge when the Fort Hood attack happened. Excuse me, “work place violence.” A Muslim in the military committed a heinous deed that the president didn’t seem to care much about. Fox reported:

“…when it came to the Ft. Hood shootings, the president twice gave the incident a limited response …devoting little more than 4 minutes over two separate appearances to the 13 dead and 30 wounded…

the term “shocked” was nowhere to be found. Instead, the initial response was shoehorned into comments he made opening the White House Tribal Nations Conference. First there were a couple applause lines to Native Americans and Obama’s “shout out to that Congressional Medal of Honor winner,” who appears not to have won the medal. (Joe Medicine Crow won the Medal of Freedom — the nation’s highest civilian honor.)

Then the president addressed the shooting. While he called the incident “horrible” and a “tragedy” and urged “prayers,” the response seemed understated compared to the other incidents. Then, in true Obama fashion, he did manage to make the shootings at least in part about him. “I want all of you to know that as commander in chief, that there’s no greater honor but also no greater responsibility for me than to make sure that the extraordinary men and women in uniform are properly cared for and that their safety and security when they are at home is provided for us.”

Two minutes and 39 seconds later he was done and without even taking a breath back to talking about the Native American event. Nowhere in his speech or his remarks the next day did he even acknowledge that the attacker was a Muslim. In his statement after the museum attack, he correctly criticized “anti-Semitism and prejudice” but made no mention of religion in the latest incident.

The man is either tone deaf or doesn’t give a damn.

After Osama bin Laden was killed, Democrats pushed the idea that “Osama is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run.” It helped Obama during the election, even though the next event happened on September 11.

When our embassy in Benghazi was attacked with our ambassador, Chris Stephens, under attack, Obama went to dinner and to bed with firefights occurring at those very moments. He then tried to blame it on a YouTube video.

He still has not pursued the perpetrators with any effort at all, nor has he sought to clarify for the American people what happened.

Earlier this month, Anne Smedingoff, 25, was killed in Afghanistan. She was an American diplomat there and little attention has been paid to her death.

Then this week the Boston bombings occurred and they, too, involved Islamic jihadists.

How many more things have to happen before the American people realize that Barack Obama is either incompetent or untrustworthy? The situation is much worse and grave than the media or our citizens understand.

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