To Writer, Wrong Is Right

David Sedaris of Salon magazine famously said last week: “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”

Why? What would that mean? Isn’t he a white American? The conservative world was shocked at that statement. The whole country should have been.

Mr. Sedaris appeared in Memphis a week ago Saturday to push his latest essay collection. When he was interviewed later by phone (either the interviewer pointedly omitted asking him about his comment or didn’t know about it or talked to him prior to the shooting) we learned a lot about Sedaris. Maybe TMI.

He had “skirmishes with obsessive compulsive disorder and Tourette syndrome.” He discovered in junior high that he was gay. He describes himself as a drug using college student and drifter. He’s lived with his partner in France and now in England.

The interviewer was told how happy he and his French acquaintances were that Obama was reelected. “Pleasantly surprised that U.S. voters elected the president whom people on the Continent liked.” However, he decries our belief in the second amendment, saying “What is up with you people and your damned guns?”

Sedaris admitted to a need to get his dad’s approval. But the old man was hardly Ozzie Nelson. He liked to remove his trousers for the evening meal and hoped a Girl Scout would knock on the door so he could answer it and shock her.

Does anyone else detect a little self loathing here? Or is it the desire to shock?

Whatever it was, he looks like the ass he probably is.

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