Trail Blazing

Have you tired of Fox News? While they are still much better than any other news network, at times they are tedious. I tire of having to have both sides of an issue presented. You get a good conservative voice and then some wacky liberal and they start volleying the talking points – for about three minutes. No issue gets in depth coverage and great areas of news are completely ignored.

I shouldn’t say no issue. When something like the Boston Marathon bombing occurs, every network is on it 200%. They follow any lead and don’t use much discretion about verification. They all do it. Later, the event is forgotten. Even information that comes out that is important gets a quick dusting before it hits the news trash can.

News from other continents? Forget about it on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and even Fox. We know very little about things that happen in South America, Australia, Asia, even Europe. No wonder Americans have no idea of geography.

I tire of the line up of show hosts, too. You pretty much know what you’ll get when you tune in.

The current sale of news as we see it on television is clearly past its expiration date.

Enter The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s network. The former Fox News host and radio talk show host left Fox with an idea. He did not like the restrictions placed on him by advertisers uneasy with his stance on subjects. Beck vowed he would have a show with only sponsors he endorses. He moved away from New York to a place more Americans can relate to (and with no state income tax): Dallas. He set up a website that feeds news to the network and found some willing people to come on board. He decided to tackle issues in depth for a change.

The result has been a very enjoyable and professional network with twelve hours of week day programming, specials and a few weekend shows. You can watch online or you can watch on your TV either via Dish network or using a Roku.

The latter is what we use. It isn’t difficult. It’s easy and has the advantage of being able to pause programming or watch radio shows any time of the day. The Blaze does charge either $10 a month or $100 a year. but it is well worth it because you can have the news you want when you want it.

Freedom of speech is another reason to subscribe. After the Boston bombing Beck found out about additional links to the Saudis and was able to talk about it while other networks refused to go there. He had physical evidence which some congressmen are pursuing. If you think others aren’t reporting it because Beck’s an Alex Jones type obsessive, consider. He has a lot to lose – professional reputation, personal safety, money and career. Then ask if much we’ve been told in the last 50 years has been true and unbiased. JFK strutting around in his birthday suit, high on meth amphetamines and walking the hallways of a New York hotel comes to mind. Nothing about his lifestyle that was repugnant ever surfaced, even though lots of reporters witnessed it.

Reputable people who appear on other networks visit the Blaze as well. So do some lesser known people who are experts in their field but not glamorous. They know they can spend more time on a news story or issue than they’ll get on the alphabets.

Quality is high, too. His shows look just like every other set. Mr. Midtown Republican has been impressed. He tends to the critical/cynic viewpoint, so this says a lot.

Just as Rush Limbaugh turned a page in broadcasting history with his show, Beck is covering new ground with his and showing others how it’s done. Beck just received the Charles Darwin prize from Robert De Niro’s TriBeCa film festival for Disruptive Innovation Award.

Even the liberals know when an important new concept comes along.

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