Rotten to the Core, Part 3

“Progressives have been eating away at our education system for 100 years,” said Lauri Day at a Campaign for Liberty meeting Monday night.

She was discussing the Common Core Curriculum program that most people are just now hearing about. The government has been “pounding the drum of school reform” for a long time, Day said, and “selling this program on the need for benchmark standards. They are out to hammer us.”

She says not even some legislators really know what it’s all about. Opponents point to the fact that there has been no vote in Congress for it; no vote by state legislatures; no vote by the people; no parental input.

So how did we get here?

Stimulus money from the bill in 2009 is part of the answer. “It injected a lot of money into education.” Ready to take this money and run with it were groups like Achieve, Inc. They are a progressive non profit headquartered in D.C. They helped to push and coordinate it. Then there was the National Governors Association, the Council of Chief State School officers, UNESCO and the planning laid out in Agenda 21.

Interestingly, our governor, Bill Haslam, is on the board of Achieve and on the finance committee for the National Governors Association.

According to Day, the Race to the Top “was the first Trojan Horse” used to get the states to align with it. Tennessee, was one of the first to get money – half a billion. “We were a huge winner.” The upside was that once a state takes the money, they are handed the standards of the Common Core to implement.

“The next Trojan horse is to get us out of No Child Left Behind,” said Day. “We traded on e thing for another. Governors who signed on didn’t even see the Common Core Curricula. It was a sight unseen purchase. Those who did not sign on faced the threat of title one funding removal.

“The thing is rolling down the tracks and we’re still trying to find out what they’re talking about,” Day said. “My gut feeling is, in the end, it’s about anti nationalism and a global work force.”

As in so many projects, follow the money. Day reminds us of Bill Gates’ funding of educational projects and what he has to gain from it. She cites a UNESCO agreement with Bill Gates giving him contracts on much of what will be used. Imagine his involvement in data mining, for example.

Then there are textbook publishers. Day asks people to take a look at Pearson Publishing, the largest in the world and involved in the Financial Times and Penguin books. They want to be the supplier of books, a tremendous money maker and a way to insert your beliefs in classrooms around the world.

Day noted that the Muslim Brotherhood of Libya has a small interest in Pearson.

Next: What can we do to fight Common Core?

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