Who Needs Mom and Dad?

It’s apparent that the federal government is trying to do everything it can to separate parent from child. They want Johnny and Sally to know that Uncle Sam has their true concerns at heart, not Mommy and Daddy.

They’ve been at it a long time. With Obama, they hope to come into the home stretch and stretch into the home for good.

They’ve been working on it for a long time.

It began in the schools, where they teach curricula parents don’t approve, in textbooks that are often against the beliefs of the parents. See Common Core. They did it when they told parents that their child couldn’t say a prayer in the classroom. They did it with Hillary’s “It Takes a Village.” You can see it in bans on Tylenol or aspirin in the kid’s backpack. Last year in North Carolina they were telling kids that Mom didn’t pack a proper lunch for them. You can see it here where Memphis City Schools wants to give kids dinner and even take home weekend fare. There is no area the government hasn’t gotten into in your child’s life.

Yesterday we learn that the government believes a 15-year-old can go to a drugstore and get the morning after pill. No need for Mom and Dad’s approval; those has-beens with their bourgeois morality don’t get kids the way Uncle Sam does. And one of his dogma is that all children will engage in sex. Sam doesn’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s children he doesn’t want; somebody has to support Planned Parenthood!

OK, so a girl goes and buys the pill. Who’s paying for it? Most likely the money comes from Mom and Dad. But do they have a say in how it’s spent? Of course not!

How did parents let this happen? For some it probably happened because they are indifferent. For others, they want something free and the government steps in. Some are able to slough it off and think it won’t affect them.

That leaves the rest of us in a bad position. One day you wake up and the government says it – not you – can decide life and death issues for your child.

The hell of it is we let them. We give up without much of a fight. At least in Russia and China some people put up a fight before the Communists took over.

We’ve just opened the door and invited them in. Sad.

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