What a short memory the media has! As Clinton left office, the Mark Rich pardon scandal drew outrage from the media and a lot of the fault fell on Eric Holder.

Eight years later, the same Eric Holder is appointed Attorney General and nary a peep emanated from our Fourth Estate. No, because Obama nominated him and because he is black, the press didn’t mention it. Nor did the Fast and Furious brouhaha elicit any criticism for Holder.

Move to the Boston Marathon bombing and they are still keeping mum. (Don’t even mention Benghazi.)

Bill O’Reilly’s intrepid reporter, Jesse Watters, attended the Washington Correspondents Dinner and managed to confront Holder about the Mirandizing of the remaining Boston bomber in the hospital. Holder rejected any claim that he had anything to do with it. He said, “It was Congress’s decision when they passed the law. The magistrate followed the law. We didn’t give anybody Miranda rights… You guys need to look at the law.”

Truth, justice and accountability seem to be in short supply at Obama’s Department of Justice.

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