Pill Popping Problems

If I, as a parent, give my 15 year old daughter money to pay for the morning after pill, aren’t I, in essence, complicit in statutory rape? Could I, or should I, sue myself?

There are a lot of issues that this judge’s ruling to approve sales to minors haven’t even considered. Number 1 and top of the list is the interference of the government in the upbringing of a child. There’s also the question of refusal. If a parent refuses to give the child money for the pill, will the government sue them? What if older men start looking for young girls and then provide them with the pill or money for it. Wouldn’t that start up some kind of pimping?

How much does a 15 year old know about her own body? What about the long term effects of the pill? There will be psychological ones, but probably medical problems, too.

Will Planned Parenthood get in on the action?

This ruling is not well thought out and very destructive.

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