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This incident in Illinois didn’t get much attention. It should have because we need to see more Republicans speak up passionately about what the Left wants to do to the second amendment.

The Blaze reports:

Illinois state Rep. Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro) launched into a fiery tirade on the Illinois House floor after Democratic lawmakers attempted to sneak in what he considered to be a significant floor amendment to a proposed concealed carry bill. Bost’s outburst actually occurred on April 17, but was only lightly covered.

The House was debating the “may issue” proposal in regards to the state’s forthcoming concealed carry law when Bost lost his cool. The proposal would allow sheriffs to decide whether a citizen has a legitimate reason to carry a gun.

In an interview with the Mt. Vernon Register-News, Bost explained his outburst:

“The amendment that was added to the bill we were discussing was a ‘may/may’ carry bill,” Bost said. “New York has a similar bill, and less than .01 percent of people get to carry. Under the amendment, someone would have to go to the local sheriff, who would do a background check, talk to people, then the sheriff may allow the person to petition the state for a concealed carry permit. Then, the state would do a background check and may issue a permit. That’s two mays and makes it almost impossible to get a permit. The bill was flawed and I explained that problem.”

It was when (State Rep. Scott) Drury said there were no “Constitutional scholars” in the House and accused Repubicans of being two-faced that Bost took offense. Drury further commented, to boos from the other members of the House, that “we don’t want someone like that carrying a concealed weapon.””You can’t say ‘our side of the aisle’ on this issue, it’s not about one party or the other,” Bost said. “There was screaming on both sides of the aisle because he overstepped his bounds. The bill failed miserably.”

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