Ritz Smacks Right Again

Kudos to County Commissioners Heidi Shafer, Steve Basar, Wyatt Bunker, Chris Thomas and Terry Roland. These five voted for a resolution that would have strengthened the Second amendment by disavowing federal laws seeking to lessen it. It would also, according to the Commercial Appeal, “given the county sheriff the duty and responsibility to defend the citizens of Tennessee against such an infringement by the federal government.”

These five commissioners get it. They understand both what the federal government wants to do and what our citizenry wants.

Unfortunately, they were not enough to get it passed. Six dolts prevailed: Walter Bailey, Henri Brooks, Sidney Chism, Justin Ford, Steve Mulroy and Mike Ritz. Two were absent: Melvin Burgess and James Harvey.

We expected it of the first five liberals. Ritz should know better. He has done everything he can lately to slap conservatives around after getting them to vote for him. There is already a recall effort on him that he just laughs off.

That is the worst kind of politician; one who uses you and then once elected, spits in your face.

The end of his term and the end of his career is something he Ritzly deserves.

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