What Sanford’s Victory Means

It was hard to be optimistic about Mark Sanford’s chances in the House race yesterday. His cheating on his wife was bad enough, but then the accusation that he was stalking her piled on his woes. Democrats were drooling at the idea of picking up a seat in the House and thought they could exploit his problems for an easy win.

It didn’t help that his opponent, Elizabeth Colbert Bush, has a snazzy comedian brother with a smart mouth, giving her name recognition and a certain cache. Then, the Dems further pushed her by having her on the ballot twice – once for the Democrat Party and a second for the Working Families Party. The DOJ got involved, too, saying they would be watching this race closely. (The specter of Black Panther monitors reared its head.)

Colbert-Busch got $1.2 million in donations plus more than $929,000 for use against Sanford. By contrast, the National Republican Congressional Committee backed away from Sanford after the stalking accusation and he was forced to campaign on the slim. As for polls, the Public Policy Poll had Sanford just up 1 point, suggesting a stormy night for Sanford.

By 8 p.m. last evening, all that money and optimism vanished when Sanford, baggage and all, skunked her with a 54-45 victory.

How did that happen?

The moral of the story for Republicans is fight. Go on offense. Get your candidate in gear. Take no prisoners. Have a good conservative message. Get out there.

Sanford stuck it to Pelosi and the Democrats. He debated with a cardboard cut out. He went up and down his district. He linked Busch to Pelosi and kept driving that home.

What a difference between that style and Romney’s which let incoming bullets keep mowing him down while letting Obama skate.

In 2014 our candidates need to get out there and then some. Before that, the already elected ones need to pound home the corruption of the Obama Democrats. Like today’s Benghazi hearings; like the failed green energy debacle; like terrorism running amock and gun control their only answer.

It shouldn’t be hard. It just requires faith and courage.

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