Meters’ Time Running Out

“We won the day” is how one person who attended the City Council meeting described it regarding MLGW’s attempt to get $10 million from them for 60,000 smart meters yesterday.

Not only was it delayed, but a public meeting will also be held for a full discussion of the issue. There will now be a town hall meeting June 6 at 6 p.m. at the Main Library on the topic.

The newspaper reported, “Some citizens spoke to the council committee Tuesday ad claimed that smart readers could be responsible for a litany of health problems, including sterility in men; could lead to electricity stealing; could be accessed from China for ‘terrorism;’ and, the meters actually haven’t shown savings for those who already have them installed.”

There’s a whiff of snark in that reporting. “Terrorism” is brushed off, but systems have been hacked into by foreigners and customers around the country have had their personal smart meters hacked into and tinkered with as well. Does anyone want to give a criminal or foe an easy access to information about them or to their power supply? I’m not so quick to dismiss this issue.

As for health concerns, they’ve been documented. It strikes me as odd how the same government that worries about us breathing in a tad of carbon emissions and frets over how much sugary soda we might consume doesn’t give a damn about radiation risks or interference with heart monitors by smart meters.

The fact that savings don’t really happen ought to stop this effort right there. Ten million might not sound like a lot to MLGW’s president Jerry Collins, but the Crosstown Development Project would gladly take it for some concrete results.

Every citizen should worry about the loss of freedom smart meters mean. They’ll have information on everything you do, but that’s not all. They’ll use it to manipulate your energy use – and subsequently your lifestyle – to conform to their green dreams.

Or is that green more likely to mean money in someone’s pocket than any environmental good anyhow?

We have one chance to stop this intrusion: June 6. Be there and let them know how you feel.

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