Crosstown, Part 3

“In terms of history, there’s no better time than now to do the Crosstown Development Project,” said Todd Richardson of that organization. He addressed the Midtown Republican Club about it and discussed the history and vision. This time he was speaking of the finances.

“We get help from the federal government with $40 million in tax equity. We have raised $28 million through philanthropy. We have asked the city for $15 million for infrastructure and demolition, for streets, lighting and sidewalks.

“The City Council and Commission have said it’s ‘a great project, except that we have no money.’ I have to give the city credit. They want it and are working hard to get it. The Commission is more occupied with the school issue now,” Richardson said.

But he likes to look at the jobs it will create and their economic impact. “We foresee 1,000 construction jobs which will put $50 million into the economy. Then there will be 1,300 other jobs, 875 of which will be new. The Council knows it won’t take long to get their money back.”

Richardson hopes the public will get behind the project and push it to completion. He urges citizens to go to the website and send the letter on it to the mayor. “Just push a button and he will get it,” he explained.

There is also a facebook page for the Crosstown Collaborative and you can keep up with the progress of the project.

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