Sins of Omission

One of the reasons the media is failing – financially that is – comes from their complete skewing of stories. In all of it, it’s not just the leftist spin they put on everything, but also the stories they completely ignore.

One of the most egregious examples is the Kermit Gosnell case. This “doctor” performed abortions and then if a baby managed to live, allegedly snipped the spine. He’s on trial in Philadelphia, but you have to be paying a lot of attention to know about it. The trial has revealed all kinds of horrors at his clinic, even his habit of collecting feet of the dead babies and putting them in a jar on his desk.

This doesn’t merit reporting by TV or newspapers.

The Washington Examiner says it’s not even on the public radar. They quote a Gallup poll that finds “just 7 percent of the public is following the case ‘very closely’ and 54 percent ‘not at all.’ The agency added: ‘This makes the Gosnell case one of the least followed news stories Gallup has measured.'”

Why? Looks like Newsbusters knows:

If there is anything positive that can come out of the Gosnell trial, other than a guilty verdict, is that it seems to have changed the mind of at least one pro-choice reporter. As more of the gruesome details emerged from the trial, the journalist in question just couldn’t stomach that babies born alive were murdered in such a fashion.

J.D. Mullane of the Bucks County Courier, who is described as pro-life, who has been present at the Gosnell trial from day one, said, “there is one journalist sitting in that courtroom who writes for a local publication who has told me that he is very liberal, very pro-choice… but after sitting through the testimony in the Gosnell trial, he’s reconsidered. He’s changed his mind.” As Mullane aptly noted, “that’s the power of the Gosnell case.”

And that’s why it has been obscured.

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