Just Sayin’

If you are surprised that the Obama administration has sicced the IRS on conservatives, Republican donors and Tea Party supporters, wake up. It’s happening everywhere and very easily for them, too.

On her facebook page, former candidate for the House Charlotte Bergman said she wondered why she has been bothered by the IRS ever since her 2010 campaign. Could it be that she is conservative, a woman and, worst of all to the Obama people, black? Was this a coincidence? Hah!

Another Memphis blogger who is a Republican recently lost his domain much to his surprise. Not connected? When the government can put its fingers into your house to tell you what light bulb to use, of course they can do much else.

My own website has been attacked. A group or organization tried 1200 times overnight to get in and insert a virus. Bad luck on my part? You be the judge.

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