Time to Get Smart

“Smart meters primary mission isn’t to monitor you. They might be modified to provide a small amount of limited information about you. Their main purpose is to cut costs and energy so that “meter readers won’t need to drive around and read the meters that is significant savings.” – Blogger Comment

“That a smart meter has the ability to monitor what I’m doing around the house is another lie. How is the meter going to tell if I’m washing my clothes or left the refrigerator door open.” – Blogger comment

If you are unaware of this issue, smart meters are radio frequency microwave meters that communicate with the Smart Grid. The Smart Grid is a transmission system that delivers electricity from power plants to distribution substations and then from the substations it is delivered to homes and businesses.

Sounds OK, does it?

Some smart meters are already in place in Memphis. A pilot program of 1,200 was started by MLGW and now they are wanting $10 million from the city for 60,000 more. Here’s an interesting post by Cassandra Anderson at Morphcity.com that fills you in on the details and rebuts the popular misconceptions of deluded people.

1. Smart meters monitor you, your appliances and energy usage minute-by-minute. Smart Meters have no energy saving properties- their sole purpose is to change your behavior. (Although not all appliances have smart chips in them yet, an MLGW official told me that things like your toaster, washer, fridge, etc. will soon have them. They will communicate to your smart meter and it will relay the information on use to the smart grid. So, yes, they will be able to tell if you are washing, etc.)

2. Smart Meters communicate with the Smart Grid which portions out energy loads and discourages use during peak hours. Smart Grids have the capability of turning the power off to your home, street and city. The Smart Grid is promoted for the following reasons:

• Save energy- this can be accomplished by charging you more, particularly during peak hours.

• Ensure privacy- this is a lie, the purpose is to snoop on you: Smart Meters and people who hack into them can tell when you’re not home.

• Shrink bills- this is another lie as most people see an increase in charges for these dangerous devices.

• Improved security- a centralized system is more vulnerable to damage when hacked or attacked.

3. Super Grids: Most states are on a consolidated Super Grid managed by the Department of Energy(DOE).

The DOE received $30 billion in funding from Obama’s stimulus package to implement tyrannical global warming policies like Smart Grids that are ultimately controlled by the federal government. The Super Grid has a backdoor kill switch that could cut electricity to entire states with the flick of a switch.

4. Smart Grids are a federal program, so the States can reject Smart Grids. But many states took the stimulus money bribes and made secret contracts with the federal government.

Obama’s stimulus earmarked $4.5 billion for Smart Grid implementation. The top 10 states that sold out are California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. Obama’s stimulus, financed by your tax dollars, is being used to kill you as Smart Meters emit RF microwave radiation and dirty electricity.

5. Smart Grids are expected to generate $170 billion in worldwide sales by 2014.

The biggest supporters of the Smart Grid are corporations who stand to benefit from building the infrastructure: IBM, GE, Hewlett Packard, Siemens, Google, Toshiba, Microsoft, ABB and Cisco.

Environmental organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) also support Smart grids. Most (if not all) of the large environmental organizations are controlled opposition that pretend to act on the behalf of the environment but are really funded by the controlling elite who fund them- NRDC was created through the Ford Foundation.

6. Technocracy is government by scientists, engineers and experts. The endgame for Smart Grids is control through measuring and monitoring your every move. Patrick Wood explains in detail the history and intent of Technocratic control and an economy based on resources. Technocracy through Smart Grids can only exist as long through measuring and monitoring individuals and a persistent belief in the global warming fairy tale. Wood’s articles can be read here:



You can read more of this article, including studies on health problems stemming from smart meters at : http://morphcity.com/home/104-smart-meter-slavery

In the end, you have to ask who benefits? Who benefits nationally and who benefits at MLGW? They are on offense now, which means that they are desperate to get this done.

I understand that it is far easier to relax, sit back and watch your favorite TV show or sports event, cocoon in your house and believe that the government is Big Daddy who only has your welfare at heart. To go outside this is to leave a comfort zone threatening to most Americans.

That’s exactly what many are relying on – your complacence. It seems to be working for them better than their wildest dreams.

The lie that government cares about its citizens was vividly dispute this week with the acknowledgement that they lied about the Benghazi attack and left four people to die. If you didn’t get that, how about the fact that the IRS admitted it was going after the administration’s political enemies? Can you be sure you would never be on their list or family members or friends?

They already have many means to punish citizens. They don’t need another one in smart meters.

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