How to Win Against Obama

Some Republicans are saying that the Benghazi affair should bring impeachment charges against Obama. They are right that his reaction – or lack of it – on Benghazi shows that in the number one duty as Commander in Chief to defend the country and its citizens, Obama was derelict. The embassy was United States territory, its defenders Americans and he did nothing to save them and has done nothing to find the perpetrators. In fact, he lied in saying the video sparked it.

If he lied to the American people, a president should be removed. If he sicced a federal department on his opposition, he should be ousted, too. There may be cause in this IRS scandal to remove him for this alone. He appointed the head of the IRS, so it is not an independent entity as Jay Carney likes to say. The impeachment charges drawn up against Nixon in the first one cited that he used the IRS to go after his enemies.

Then we have the Boston bombings and the odd circumstance of a Saudi who may have been involved was visited by Michelle Obama in the hospital and then whisked out of the country.

Don’t forget the Fast and Furious episode either. There again, an American, maybe two, were killed as a result of the policy to sell American guns to Mexican drug gangs.

Then we’ve got the use of stimulus funds given to failed green energy firms like Solyndra, Fisker and others seemed more like a pay back to supporters than valid investments. Then there’s the Black Panthers in Philadelphia on election day and the Justice Department’s refusal to prosecute them, the other voter frauds Obama benefitted from in Ohio and Indiana… well, the list goes on.

In other words, there’s a wealth of substantive issues from which to draw impeachment charges.

Advice to Republicans: Don’t do it.


What worked against us in the Clinton impeachment was the eagerness of our party to bring him down. That allowed the Democrats to spin it as a political game and a puritanical obsession with sex on our part. They successfully kept the public on Clinton’s side and nearly got Al Gore elected in 2000.

We should do just the opposite with Obama. Let different legislators tackle these different issues: IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious. Keep the administration jumping from one hot topic to the other. Don’t breathe a word about the end game, but trot out all kinds of people who’ve been hurt by Obama’s actions and win the sympathy of the public. Keep pressing it, still not saying the “I” word. Let the conservative media of bloggers, internet sites, talk radio and some TV people suggest it. Let them build a crescendo.

Then, when the public is clamoring for action, take the attitude that you really don’t want to do this. Republicans must proceed with hesitancy and doubt. Let the public demand from us that Obama be ousted.

This is a good opportunity to use a sort of reverse psychology. It would demand that grassroots Republicans keep their powder dry and let events play out. It also would demand that our leaders keep cool, but determined heads. It would demand that they take some of our media into their confidence. They need to play the poker game well.

If they could do that, the course of the country could be returned to the right direction.

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