Common Ground Summit

Libertarians, Republicans, Campaign for Liberty members, Tea Partiers and others got together last night at Jason’s Deli for a meeting.

The chair of the Libertarian Party of Shelby County, a Mr. Simmons, told how he had seen “my taxes go up and my freedoms go away. The purpose of the meeting is to find common ground (among Memphis groups) and find out what can we do to foster change.”

Simmons then went on to break up issues into three areas: Local, State and Federal.

The smart meter plan popped up as the first issue to confront. The effort to de-annex Cordova from the city followed as one man outlined how citizens are distressed that they had no voice in it at all. It didn’t get the approval of 3/4 of voters as is usually followed. Many got bills for back taxes they had not expected. Today some are meeting at the Election Commission to find out what they can do next.

Sustainable Shelby was another issue identified. Every city has an office of sustainability funded by the Department of Energy. They have pushed issues of codes, bike paths and other “green” issues. Some of this comes from Agenda 21, which launched a discussion about fingering politicians who believe in it and in Common Core curricula.

State issues topping attendee lists included eminent domain, second amendment rights, school vouchers and a gold and silver backed currency. Nationally, the TSA came up for scrutiny as did our increasing police state mentality.

All agreed that networking can help solve some of the problems. Finding Constitutionalists who will run for office could help, too. Getting information out about issues by going door to door was another suggestion.

It’s good that conservative and right leaning groups come together to work together. As we have seen this week in the various Obama scandals, his discrimination against us may be the biggest catalyst for cooperating we could get.

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