About That Obama Victory…

The tsunami of information being released from the IRS scandal puts a lot of things in perspective.

First, it explains what happened to the Tea Party. They had been so dynamic in the 2010 elections and then 2012 comes along and nothing was brewing. Many of us assumed it was disillusionment with politicians or the decision to stay home and not get involved because the candidates didn’t appeal.

Now it appears that the Obama machine had to find a way to stop them and the easiest was to cut off their money. They, through the IRS, put a tourniquet around that body politic and vital blood never got to its members, if you will. Can’t you just hear Obama and Axelrod chuckling over this ploy?

It worked. Boy, did it work!

That wasn’t the only trick they had. After the election we heard about the vaunted Obama data mining system. How they had used facebook information, sent out questionnaires, networked among liberal groups and rounded up every possible Obama voter. By contrast, the Republicans did not use technology well. Romney’s vaunted Orca voter contact system fell apart (or was it sabotaged?) when it wouldn’t work on election day. The GOP looked like we were unprepared, naive and – horrors – technically Stone Age.

These new scandal revelations put that in doubt now.

Looks to me like the Obama operation knew they had the vast resources of the government at their disposal to find voters. Why not use it? Certainly employees of the government could be made to go digging and find these things out. Looks like O’s victory was not because of some dedicated souls hunched over laptops in their parents’ basement who found contacts. OK, maybe there were a few shills who liked to think themselves indispensable who did some of it, but they didn’t do the majority of it. All they had to do was tap into the files of the IRS and other offices and you had victory.

If this seems unlikely, take a look back at 2004. Remember how Jack Ryan was a popular candidate for the Senate from Illinois? Then Barack Obama got the Democrat nomination and suddenly, Ryan’s court sealed divorce papers saw the light of day. After that he was finished as a candidate and B.O. sailed into the Senate and then into the White House.

Somebody in Chicago worked to get those documents. With Obama already in control of most government agencies via appointments, this effort was a piece of cake served up with some cold tea.

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