Miller Lite

Charlie Rangel acted outraged. Kevin Brady got to the crux of it (in video below). Paul Ryan said the answers were “very incomplete.” Devin Nunes (R-Ca) asked IRS chief Steven Miller why he resigned if he did everything well. The IRS mentioned they hid the probe until after the election. Questions were raised about the IRS asking about prayers.

That was this morning in Washington at the House hearing on the IRS scandal.

To all this, IRS Commissioner Miller acted cool, aloof and unperturbed. He admitted that some of what the agency did was “inappropriate” but not “illegal.” His behavior was detached as he showed he had no concept that what the IRS did was a terrible thing. He could not provide an answer to who was responsible for these actions. It felt like a rerun of the O.J. Simpson trial when his maid was asked by Johnny Cochran if she saw or heard anything and all she ever said was “non ricorda, Mr. Johnny.” I don’t remember.

The next phase in the argument has already begun. Last night Juan Williams picked up the shovel. He said that some of the organizations that were seeking 501(c)(3) exemption deserved to be put aside because they warranted scrutiny. Others since have said that groups with a political agenda (to the right) shouldn’t get any help and deserve a look by the IRS, including audits.

There is lots of manure here. Yesterday Texas Senator Ted Cruz got closer to the truth when he said “one of the most disturbing stories I’ve read on the IRS was that confidential taxpayer records were handed over to the cochairman of President Obama’s presidential campaign in the middle of the campaign.”


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