Will Weiner Be a Winner?

How stupid are New Yorkers?

Let’s see. They didn’t think the World Trade Center would be hit again, even though it had been bombed by Islamic extremists in 1993. They didn’t support President Bush after he saved their city. They overwhelming love Barack Obama, even when he comes there for a fundraiser, snubbing the average guy, and tying up traffic for hours. They elected Nanny Bloomberg and welcome every restriction he puts on their lives enthusiastically.

Could it get worse? It might.

Today disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner announced his run for mayor of Gotham. He hopes New Yorkers will faggetaboudt the racy pictures of him and his racy twitter talk, linked to him conclusively by Andrew Breitbart. In fact, Weiner says there may be more of them out there. He wants a second chance, he says. And not only does he have a good war chest already, but he also is tied in some of the early polling.

His first ad touts how he will be “fighting for the middle class.” Democrats always say that. They are mighty warriors in the imagined conflict going on around us. He says he will see to a single payer health care for New Yorkers, i.e. socialized medicine a.k.a. Obamacare. And he says he’ll make sure that every public school child has a Kindle reader.

A Kindle reader? Does no one earn anything anymore? How many of them will be stolen, mishandled, fenced, traded or destroyed? How can any kid be expected to respect anything when expensive items are handed out like food samples at Costco? What else is required for a good education? A government provided laptop, a free ride to and from school, round the clock meals and weekend take homes? When do we hand out the Obama youth uniforms?

Democrats always call upon class warfare and the children when they want to win an election. Weiner is no different. As a result we find ourselves with a decaying country of young people without initiative, drive, ambition or talent. Does no one make the connection between government control and sub par results?

Weiner may weasel himself into office, given the gimme attitude of today’s electorate. Somewhere Breitbart is shaking his head.

Anthony Weiner
announced his candidacy today
platform of single payer health care
and making sure that every public school child has a kindle reader
fighting for the middle class

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