Perfect Day for a Document Dump

With all the scandals surrounding the Obama administration, look for some information to be released today.

It’s the perfect time. No one will be paying attention late on a Friday night. Not only is it a weekend, but it is also a holiday weekend. Americans will be thinking about getting out of town, seeing a movie, camping or any other relaxing activity. The last thing we want to think about is unpleasant political developments.

Then, too, Congress will be going off for one of their many holidays. Everything we’ve talked about intensely this week will be diminished by time. When they return, the pressing matters of today will seem less important.

The president will visit Oklahoma, express compassion for the tornado victims and say a few words saluting veterans on Memorial Day. This will get him in the good graces of many citizens.

As for anything that shows up in a document dump tonight, the mainstream media will have three days to plan out the spin, with help from the White House.

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