Making Our Point

Today’s Commercial Appeal has a story, “Utilities Under Siege,” that discusses the concerns of Congress about cyberattacks from our enemies. The Bloomberg piece cites how vulnerable our grids are to hacking from China, North Korea, Iran, you name it.

Smart grid opponents have been warning about this from the very beginning. These new meters, I am told, make it even easier to hack in to the system and bring it to a halt. When you connect the various utilities through giant grids that encapsulate the whole Northeast, Southeast, etc., you make it easy to cripple us.

In the best of circumstances it could take weeks to get back in order, as it did when “Hurricane Elvis” hit Memphis in late July of 2003. But what if the whole Southeast had been shut down? Weeks would have gone to months before enough trained utility men could come and fix everyone.

With President Obama refusing to see the long term war on Terror and what our enemies want to do to us, this is troubling. What would be easier for an enemy that taking down our power grid? And we want to make it even easier by implementing these “smart” grids?

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