Obama Selective Editing

Obama’s speech on Thursday concerning foreign policy was long and long on his wish to say he’d concluded the War on Terror.

He hasn’t. He has always exploited Amerricans’ wish to get out of war by hiding facts. The media gives him cover by ignoring bombings and ignoring threats like Iran. They agree to muffle these things and Obama acts dismissive about any act that the rest of us would consider terrorism.

But Obama selectively edits information, too. The White House dossier blog calls attention to a deliberately misleading quote Obama made in his speech:

President Obama Thursday deceptively took Osama Bin Laden’s words out of context to help make a point about how al Qaeda is on its knees and we can curtail our use of drones – and start winding down the rest of the War on Terror. Or what’s apparently now “The War on a Couple of Remaining Terrorists.”
Next time get your facts straight, infidel.

Next time get your facts straight, infidel.

The deception was uncovered by terrorism analyst Thomas Joscelyn, who wrote today in The Weekly Standard. Joscelyn notes that the drone program has indeed been effective at killing bad guys. But he also makes the important point that drones are a tactic, not a strategy – and a tactic to which al Qaeda has adjusted.

In Thursday’s grand strategy speech before the National Defense University, Obama said this:

“To begin with, our actions are effective. Don’t take my word for it. In the intelligence gathered at bin Laden’s compound, we found that he wrote, ‘We could lose the reserves to enemy’s air strikes. We cannot fight air strikes with explosives.'”

Sounds like Bin Laden is saying, OMG, we’re even about to lose the reserves! We’re helpless with our primitive explosives before these high-tech air strikes!

But Joscelyn takes a look at the entire document of Bin Laden’s writings, as released by the White House, and notices that, well, that’s not what Bin Laden was saying at all. Here’s the full quote:

“The Ummah will use the reserve in the future, but during the appropriate time. In the meanwhile, we do not want to send the reserves to the front line, especially in areas where the enemy only uses air strikes to attack our forces. So, the reserves will not, for the most part, be effective in such conflicts. Basically, we could lose the reserves to enemy’s air strikes. We cannot fight air strikes with explosives!”

What Bin Laden is actually saying is – We got reserves, let’s not waste them! And, Bin Laden goes on the suggest, he has lots of reserves:

“It is known that they teach in military and war science that if a war breaks out between two countries, the two countries do not send all of their forces to the front line. Instead, they hold back some forces, especially forces with special training . . .

“We still have a powerful force which we can organize and prepare for deployment.”

Now, whether or not Bin Laden has a “powerful force” lying in wait – I got no idea. What’s important here is that Obama has selectively quoted Bin Laden to suggest Bin Laden himself knows the jig is up. And that just ain’t so.

It is disappointing that our fellow Americans don’t understand the concepts of war and peace. There is no such thing as peace in this world. It can only be achieved in the next. On earth we are always facing war: war from viruses, war from militaristic countries, war from terrorists, war from the forces of nature. It’s just a fact of life. There is good and evil in the world and the two forces will continue battling until the Second Coming.

Our enemies will never completely go away. They will always have to be dealt with. To deny this is to deny the nature of life. Obama may be fooling some people, but in the end he will not be able to deny that we have enemies who must be curtailed.

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