What We Don’t Know

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld famously said, to paraphrase, we know what we know, but we don’t know what we don’t know. He was talking about Al Qaeda; today it accurately describes the news.

We know what the news media tells us. We don’t always know what they aren’t telling us. The internet helps, but only people who are paying attention care to look into things. The majority of people skim from the top and assume that others more informed than they are picking out the really important events. Not true. They only tell us what goes along with their philosophy of life and opinions on governing.

Case in point: the rioting in Sweden. For more than a week riots in Swedish “immigrant” suburbs have seen “youths” burning cars, breaking windows, throwing stones and explosives at police and emergency people. They don’t tell you that the “youths” are Muslims and the riots are happening in Muslim neighborhoods.

According to Swedish News report, “About 200 Muslim/socialists have planned the riots for days. The main group behind the riots, Megafonen, got City funding as ‘youth activist group.’ Turns out that the ‘youth’ consists of revolutionary Muslim activists with a plan to destroy the areas they live in…Over 80 % of the residents are non-European refugees mainly Arabs and Africans. Government says unemployment here is 8.8%. A media report says differently, that unemployment is 40%, the locals disagree and say unemployment is over 60%. The government is lying about crime rates and unemployment for immigrants.”

Who knew? Also, who knew that the lax immigration and easy welfare money drew them to Sweden in droves. Wonder why we’re not hearing about that either?

You won’t hear much about the violent weekend in Chicago either in which 17 people were shot and six people died. And the holiday is not over yet! Could it be that the city’s gun control is not working and that violent criminals have no trouble getting guns anyway?

How about the huge outpouring of support for traditional marriage in, of all places, Paris, France. Did you see much about that on the TV news? Probably not, even though about 250,000 people in this left leaning country turned out to show their support.

A witness told TheBlaze, she was shocked to see all the pro family signs and the people on balconies cheering and giving the thumbs up to demonstrators below. There wasn’t any violence at this event.

Many Americans probably don’t know either, because it goes against the administration’s own policies, that Japan is on the brink of economic disaster. The opposition party says the ruling party has created a stock bubble, that they have printed too much money and the Japanese have completely lost control over their bond market. Looks like a collapse of the Nikkei equities will follow. In a nation that has encouraged couples not to have children, there isn’t much help on the way for those who need young earners to pad the retirement money. QE1, 2 and 3 anyone? Planned Parenthood and morning after pills to 15 year olds anyone?

Then there is the story of thousands of Britons marching in London in support of the soldier slain by Muslim extremists. Don’t want to get too patriotic, you know!

Only things that support Obama’s policies get true reporting. Today you can no longer rely on the media. You must view every story skeptically and go look for buried stories. They have the real news.

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