I winced when I heard Obama say our veterans fought to make America “more fair” in his weekly radio address. It is at the very end.

Liberals seek fairness and equality in everything when God did not make us equal in talents, skills, looks and intellect. A fair opportunity and a fair chance is a lot different than the Communism/Marxist equality Obama seeks to impose on Americans. They cannot social engineer our citizens into a perfect world. It’s not attainable on earth.

Besides, our veterans did not go to war for affirmative action or gay marriage, which is how he’s interpreting fairness. The World War I and II soldiers would be appalled.

I winced also when Obama said, we must work to see to it that “Men and women of our armed forces have the support they need to achieve their mission safely at home and abroad.” Too bad he didn’t actually mean it when it came to our ambassador and SEALS in Benghazi.

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