Republican Insider Speaks

D.W. Ulsterman, who has access to a Republican Insider in Washington, got him to give a glimpse behind the scenes right now as Eric Holder increasingly finds the hot water turned up on him.

Here’s what he said:

“I apologize again for not getting back to you sooner. I know I keep telling you that. All of us are being very careful regarding off the record disclosures. The situation keeps shifting right under us. Will let you know of a morning meeting this week involving members of the White House Legislative Affairs Office and members of the Senate Majority Office, the Senate Minority Office, the House Speaker’s Office, and the House Minority Office. Meeting lasted nearly an hour. I have confirmed four things from this meeting that I can share with you.

One, the primary subject of this meeting was the future status of Attorney General Eric Holder. A secondary topic was Obamacare related. ???

Two, direct discussions regarding Eric Holder’s departure and possible replacement. Both sides wanted plenty of notice and prep time if and when that transition was to take place.

Three, negotiations for Eric Holder to stay on was presented by White House reps. This negotiation was apparently shut down by both the Senate Office reps. I find that very interesting and if I were Eric Holder, very troubling for his future employment status with the DOJ. He’s losing the support of his own party.

Four, House Speaker’s Office demanded a decision regarding Attorney General Holder’s status by June 14th. Not sure if that is a bluff or they are serious. Also don’t know what they would do if the White House ignores the request. Up to now they have pretty much done nothing, right?

I asked if there was anyone from DOJ at the meeting. Was told no. Not sure why not as normally someone from DOJ would have been included given what the situation is, unless the entire upper DOJ administration is at risk? Or can’t be trusted? That is speculation on my part there, but I found that to be a little odd and there has been some whispering of many at DOJ who are quietly “lawyering up”. I have not personally confirmed that though.

Now please do not take this information as 100% certainty that Attorney General Holder’s position at the DOJ will not survive this current challenge. I recall a similar meeting to this early last year when the possibility of Holder being pushed out before the 2012 Election was circulating. I think -name deleted- (WHI) told you something about that. Whatever plans for that were being discussed they were effectively terminated by the White House. I would guess it was Jarrett’s call that Eric Holder remain on at DOJ. When -name deleted- (WHI) called Jarrett the “de-facto president a few years back it seems he has since then been proven correct many times by various other media reports that have made similar claims. The power and influence she wields is no longer questioned by any of us. She is feared. What I’m not sure about at this point is if she is willing to override Democratic Party leaders who now want Eric Holder gone before his scandals negatively impact them during the 2014 Midterms. President Obama is now entering Lame Duck territory, so Jarrett’s influence will be much more diminished now than it was before the 2012 Election. Hopefully the Republican leadership understands this and will push back with the right force. They remain my biggest challenge when it comes to getting the right things done though. As far as I’m concerned, they remain way too incompetent and untrustworthy. I’m really hoping 2014 can change some of that.”

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