Holder: Moses of Our Time

Did you know Attorney General Eric Holder is the Moses of our time? Did you know he is the “chief law giver of the United States?”

Came as a surprise to me, too, but here is Professor Michael Eric Dyson telling Martin Bashir all about this on MSNBC:

Wow! If Holder is Moses, what does that make Obama? God? You have to give it to him; Dyson doesn’t hold back. He’s ready to suck up in a way Cecil B. DeMille never dreamed of. Where are the tablets Obama gave him? Maybe he should share them with the press.

It’s good that the professor clarified the role of the different branches of government for us. I always thought that Congress made the laws. Evidently Holder does that in his spare time when he’s not parting seas.

Interesting, too, is Dyson’s view of bipartisanship. In his account, Holder needs to go knock some Republican heads together and get on with the business of governing. You might have thought the parties would negotiate, examine and then propose bills, but Dyson thinks physical blows are necessary to win an argument.

MSNBC’s ratings are slipping behind Headline News. More of this and they’ll be seen less than in-house hotel videos. It would take an act of God to save them.

I wouldn’t count on that if I were them.

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