Peeling Off a Rotten ‘Core’

Our next club meeting will feature Cathy Auxier. She has been involved in the movement against Common Core. She will discuss what it is and what it wants to do.

One of our members called my attention to his blogsite, His wife has written two excellent articles on Common Core that should be read.

She points out things that Common Core will do, which many of our fellow citizens are unaware of. For instance, it will be used to collect data on students and their parents. Blood type, hair and eye color, dental records, voter status, political affiliation, mother’s maiden name, religious affiliation, extracurricular activities, premature birth, bus stop location and arrival times, income level and date collected from facial expressions, stress, posture from pre K to age 20.

Guess this gives the IRS a headstart on future tax info.

The article can be read here:

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