White House Insider Unloads

D.W. Ulsterman’s man in the White House has some warnings about the immigration bill. He is urging Republicans to nix it. He has some sound advice. Pardon the language, but that’s who he is:

WHI: Going to keep it real short and real simple. Not going to say anything about Holder or the IRS or whatever right now. This is just about the immigration bill. Found out what all that is really about. Chuck and them are playing your Republicans for fools on this. Dumb bastards are letting it happen and they’re just taking the rope and wrapping it around their stupid f*cking necks and grinning and grinning while they’re doing it.

Now I get the Republicans wanting to remove the immigration issue off the table. It hurts them. I’ve gone back and forth myself on how to…the best way to handle it. Obama used it big time in ’12. Thing is (-unintelligible-) …that’s the issue they want right now. 2014. They’ve decided it makes Obama look like the brown savior. And that is a role he loves to play. If it’s got the f*cking savior tag on it, Obama is right there and willing. Crank up the teleprompter, give him the cheering crowds, and let him do his thing.

Here’s the real problem for Republicans though. They are trapped by 2014 and 2016. There’s those 2016 Republicans who want to be president trying to push this issue now and what is happening is that it’s gonna bump up against 2014 and could cost them in Congress. And if Republicans get a president who has no play in Congress, what good is 2016? So think about this scenario here. Couple months out, later part of…of summer 2013. Senate Democrats pass the immigration bill and the media makes a big to do about all that. Lots of talk show stuff, speeches, the whole nine yards. They want to roll that sh*t out and Obama will be out there doing the big speech thing that he loves to do. He’ll just keep repeating how the evil Republicans in Congress hate immigrants, people of color, all that bullsh*t that we’ve been using against Republicans for-for… decades. Line up some old Mexicans, and single mother Mexicans, and little kid Mexicans…a real 21st Century Trail of f*cking Tears parade… to really put an emotional face on the issue. And it will be those evil f*cking Republicans 24/7 man. That’s the (-unintelligible-)…of the point. Just hammer it home over and over and f*cking over again. A massive get out the vote on that one single issue. They want to remove every single conservative from Congress and they think this immigration thing might just be the ticket.

Thing is, and I’m telling you the God’s honest truth here…heard enough of on this thing in private from some of them still in Congress…thing is, Democrats could give a sh*t about Mexicans. This whole thing, this whole issue has always been about votes first. Period. Always. And this time around it’s all about 2014. They think they can corner your Republicans on this issue and just kick their teeth in when 2014 rolls around. Protest parades, human interest stories…it’ll be a whole big roll out. They might be right. People like Rubio keeps it up, they might just do it. He’s got no (-unintelligible-)…overtime on it. He’s too naive right now. Too eager to please.

So right now, we got the Democrats out there laying the groundwork for this immigration 2014 thing, and Republicans humping around on all these Obama scandals. Now if it were me in charge, God help us all…if it were me in charge of the Republicans here would be my play. I would call in every one of those f*cking Senate Republicans into my office, take the goddamn phone off the line, and jump down their faces so far I’d re-arrange their f*cking DNA. No way I let them help run the ball up the field on this. Rubio? If he can’t figure this sh*t out then he don’t deserve to be considered in 2016. Maybe that pisses off some of your readers, I know you like him enough, but f*ck no. Hell no, man. No-No-NO.

We got this White House on the ropes. Don’t let them deflect all of this with the immigration thing. They thought they’d have it with the gun issue but that just pissed off just about everyone. So then the Senate boys turned on a dime and went all in on the immigration issue. They need an issue to rally around for 2014 and that is it. Rubio thinks he can take credit for some kind of deal. Really? It won’t help him one damn bit in the end. Not one bit. All those immigrant votes…sh*t. The Democrats already have most of them on the government payroll for f*ck’s sake. They ain’t changing their votes. Never happen. And the stupid liberal White people…the Democrats will just roll em up with some other bullsh*t issue. Climate change. War on women. Starving fat kids. Save the f*cking whales, pay for my college, head lice, shoes that don’t fit right…bad breath. Whatever man. None of them Republicans will pick up one f*cking vote by going along to get along with this crop of Democrats. Not one. Democrat voters…you round them up easy. Democrat voters are dumb. About the dumbest group of people you’ll ever know. They ain’t going Republican, so stop thinking they will….thinking that makes you dumber than they are, right?

If Republicans want to win this thing…2014. Stop thinking 2016 right now because 2016 won’t mean nothin’ if it breaks bad in 2014. That means…like I said…that means somebody whose got the…the influence…get those dumb mother f*ckers in the Senate, your Republicans…get that immigration bill OUT. Kill it on the damn vine. Get that thing as far away from 2014 as they can. Make it go away. Then they can…the Democrats control the Senate so Republicans can just say they tried but they couldn’t come to terms, whatever. That part doesn’t really matter. Whatever. But then come right back and push the border security thing, uh…the national security stuff. The issues Republicans uses to be so good at before they got soft and squishy and tried to sound more like Democrats. And see…that makes a big point I tried to get across last year…but they didn’t listen. Didn’t believe me or whatever it was. Didn’t trust me. If Republicans go out there and try that kinder gentler thing…with the way the country is right now…that just don’t work. It pisses off the conservative base. It frustrates Republican voters, right? I can’t be the only one seeing that. And Democrats are wise to it. Crafty little f*ckers…they really are. And so with the immigration thing, that’s all that is. It’s about getting out the vote on the liberal side, and suppressing the vote on the conservative side. Hell, I ain’t even talking all the Election Day vote counting bullsh*t that goes on here.

There’s one big f*cking catch here though that has the Dems real worried. If we got an administrative crisis, I’m talking an all out sh*t hitting the fan kind of moment this summer, then this immigration plan of theirs won’t matter much at all. There’s some there-there with all these scandals. The White House knows that. They also know they’ve gotten away with things before so they might just do that again. Their plan is simple. Have a few people take the fall, get these scandals off the front page, and hammer home the immigration fake bullsh*t thing and roll with that right up to the election. And I got to admit it that…it’s a good plan. As far as (-unintelligible-)…it goes, it’s pretty solid. See, if the Republicans don’t pass some immigration compromise, then the Democrats and the media will go at them hard saying they are radicals who don’t get anything done…obstructionists…whatever it (-unintelligible-)…so that will be that. If the Republicans do go along to get along, then the Democrats roll out their vote suppression machine. The conservative base will be all pissed off, lots of talk about a third party…which a whole bunch of that talk will actually be coming from folks on the Democratic Party payroll in an indirect uh… they’ll never prove it way. We had that set up back in…since about ’98. Don’t doubt me on that. I done it. Many times. And it works. And people won’t vote in 2014. A whole lot of the won’t. Not like they need to if Republicans have a shot at taking the Senate and keeping the House.

It’s a damned if they do damned if they don’t. That’s why it needs to get buried in the Senate. Rubio has got to be wise to that, but right now he don’t seem to be pulling that off. I got no inroads to his people. None. But maybe one of them will read this and get wise, because that’s what they need to do. Get wise like yesterday. Bury this immigration sh*t and then take these scandals that a lot of good people have done some very hard work to get them to see what little daylight they have…take these scandals and break them over the f*cking heads of this White House and its support system.

I see (-name deleted-) says June 14 huh? Not what I’m hearing right now. No. Not what…not what I’m hearing. (-Unintelligible-)…at least a month out. Maybe more. That comes from the campaign. You know who and I would think they’d know. She’s getting her ass beat on all this and frankly, she deserves to. Can’t play big ball with a short bat.

We’ll see.

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