Paid Liar

Congressman Darryl Issa is taking a lot of flak for calling White House spokesman Jay Carney a “paid liar” yesterday.

Even some on our side are saying, well, he went too far. That made him look bad and got his goat. The Obama administration is getting to him, he needs to tone it down and take the high road.

Boloney! When I heard that Issa said that I thought good for him. At last someone has opened the window and yelled I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

We all know that Carney has lied for Obama. You can find it in the many contradictions on issues he’s held. For example, the Benghazi YouTube video. Carney supported the idea that it was the cause of the attack on our embassy and promoted it all over TV. No one mentions that now or sees it as the cause of the death of our ambassador.

So why shouldn’t Issa call him a “paid liar?” Isn’t a congressman paid to find the truth and tell it? He would be lying to the American people if he swallowed Carney’s whoppers, wouldn’t he? Republicans are always held to higher standards, but it’s different for Democrats. It’s time for that to end.

Besides, immediately after Issa appeared on some of the Sunday shows, the Obama machine brought up a bogus indictment made against Issa when he was 17. They accused him of arson and grand theft auto. That’s pretty awful and something Issa should not let get off the ground.

Democrats can call Romney a killer; a dog hating meanie; the whole party a bunch of anti women bigots, and add in black/Hispanics/gays/Native Americans/young people/college students. They called George Bush Hitler, made a movie about his assassination and put his head on a pike in a TV show. This is all appropriate to them.

I’m glad Issa spoke up. He can lose his temper any time he wants. I’m tired of defense. Time – and ammunition aplenty – for offense.

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