A Day Not to Be Smart

There is a town hall meeting tonight at 6 at the Benjamin Hooks (main) library, 3030 Poplar.

If MLGW is not stopped, the utility company will succeed in replacing – at great cost – our very reliable analog meters for the “smart” meters. We will end up paying a lot more for our electricity (about double) and be forced to conform to time of use standards that will alter our behavior. There has been no proven safety study nor legitimate proof of rate reductions. After trying them out, many cities and counties around the country are getting rid of them completely.

MLGW likes to dismiss as well the health problems that have arisen in areas where the smart meters have been installed. Fire problems have been documented, too. Although MLGW says money will be saved because fewer workers will be required, this has not been the case. Unions are upset that their members will be dumped.

One has to wonder who is behind all of this and who will be making a profit. The officials are so determined to push this plan through that many of us suspect something else is going on.

I have heard that MLGW has told its workers to go to the library early and take seats to prevent the opposition from having a presence. If you can attend, show up. It should be a very informative experience.

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