Hell No, He Won’t Go

For the past few weeks pundits have discussed Eric Holder and concluded he will resign from the Attorney General post. They know he contradicted himself in testimony and they know Democrats are getting a little nervous about all the scandals. If Holder left, that would help Democrats, especially as the 2014 election draws near.

And, if things were normal, or if Holder were a decent American, that’s what would happen. But Holder and the Obama administration are like some super bug, stronger than most viruses. They mutate to suit whatever environment they’re inhabiting. No normal remedy will work against them, especially since the examiners pretend the ailment has gone away.

The host feels it differently. The host recognizes that something is wrong and something needs to be removed. Short of something miraculous, this isn’t going to happen. Holder has dug in and really, what does he have to lose?

It has been said that Holder is the gatekeeper, the one who can stop and block any investigations or revelations coming Obama’s way. In that way he’s inoculated the president. In turn, he’s inoculated, too, because he probably knows so much about the president, that if he were ordered to go he could make a few interesting phone calls. Obama will not let that happen.

Don’t forget the huge card they hold – the racist card. The administration will use that trump card to deflect any attacks. It has always worked. It will work again.

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