Your Future in Obamacare

I have an aunt who is 90 years old. She suffers from Alzheimer’s and has been in a nursing home for about the past five years. She lives in St. Louis or, as so many there do and more precisely, the environs of it. She has always been a kind and good person and has five children.

Now her mind wanders and she really doesn’t remember much, including that her husband has been dead for 13 years. Of late, she has been transferred to hospice living. At about 5’4″ she has struggled to keep weight on and hovers around 90 pounds on a good day.

With the cost of long term care very high, the family was told to check into Medicare coverage of hospice care. They did. A panel looked into her case and decided that since she was one pound over the weight requirement she would be ineligible for the funds at this time.

Think that more things like that won’t happen under Obamacare when faceless bureaucrats make decisions about your care, life and death?

By the way, she is a Republican.

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