Dems Gone Wild

Nothing sets off alarms in Democrat circles like a Republican who is a minority. Add in that the GOPer is also a woman and the Dems can’t handle it. They will try to do everything they can to halt the person’s political success.

We all know how they reacted to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. They don’t like Hispanic Republican Governor Susana Martinez either.

Moe Lane at Redstate summarizes:

Jamie Estrada, former campaign manager for Martinez, is accused of stealing emails from her campaign account and passing them along to Democratic operative (and accused pedophile) Jason Loera. Loera is likewise accused of passing along selected emails to Democratic state chair Sam Bregman, who then used those emails in at least one court case. Loera and Bregman are linked – the former consulted for the latter – and at this point, well. The whole thing is getting quite close to New Mexico Attorney General (and Democrat) Gary King.

The local TV news station explains:

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