How to Get Smart

The Memphis City Council plans to vote on whether MLGW should be given $10 million for 60,000 more smart meters at their meeting Tuesday, June 18, at 3:30. The location is the first floor of City Hall at 125 N. Main. The more opponents who are there the better. The Council does feel and respond to public pressure.

The IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) has put out a pamphlet with contact information if you want to express your opinions to officials. They also have websites that detail the problems with smart meters. You can find out more at, like them on facebook @IBEW local or follow them on twitter at local 1288IBEW.

You can contact Mayor Wharton’s office and tell him to tell his appointee, MLGW President Jerry Collins, to drop the smart meters at 901-636-6000 or

The council contacts are:, 901-848-9112, 901-747-2659, 901-332-3691, 901-324-7591, 901-323-0713, 901-396-1555, 901-576-7010, 901-274-8142, 901-576-6786, 901-521-4300, 901-767-4343, 901-324-5532, 901-461-9100

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