Paging Dr. Carson

A few months back you couldn’t turn on conservative radio or television without hearing from Dr. Ben Carson. He was everywhere. Carson was the right’s darling and great black hope after he gave a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in which President Obama was in attendance and laid out some unpleasant truths.

Lately though, there hasn’t been much of a peep from or about him. Why?

Have his opinions, thoughts and ideas about Obama’s government dried up? That seems doubtful. Is it because he has undergone scrutiny by the IRS? Has information about his family gleaned by the many data collecting agencies we now have coerced him into silence? Has support from everyday or powerful Americans stopped because they felt pressure from the government?

Dr. Carson is a personable, God fearing and loving man who has much to contribute to our political dialog. I find it strange that all of a sudden there is quiet. I do not necessarily believe that he himself is intimidated, but something seems amiss.

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