Obama Will Take Credit

The little girl who has needed a new lung got one today and is being wheeled into surgery.

Thank God!

The cruelty of Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary (and not concerned with either), is unparalleled. She should have acted immediately to put the little girl on a list.She should have waived restrictions, contacted the family and told them she’d do everything in her power to help them. But she didn’t. Did she get some perverse pleasure out of denying her? Sebelius reminds me of the “culture of death” Pope John Paul II warned about. She is, you might ironically say, a living example of it.

Yes, there are ethical problems with transplants and waiting lists and rules to adhere to. But in the case of this child could anyone be so heartless as to let her die when help might be coming?

I wouldn’t be surprised that after all is said and done Obama steps in and takes credit for it. He may say that it was because of the Affordable Care Act that the girl was able to get her lung.

Nothing would surprise me when it comes to Obama.

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