Let Council Know Your View

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 18, the Memphis City Council will take up the issue of smart meters. They will consider whether to approve money for 60,000 more of them.

If you can attend the meeting, that is great. There is no substitute for being there in person and letting them feel the pressure of voters.

Activist Yvonne Burton writes, “The meeting is at 125 N. Main (City Hall) at 3:30 PM (1st floor). You don’t need to say anything, just be ready to stand up for our ‘no smart meter’ crew who will be speaking. You can give a ‘thumbs up’ signal or wave in approval! Send an email that says whatever you like, but point out that we DO NOT WANT SMART METERS in Shelby County. You could write about expected rate increases, or the huge expense of replacing an already functioning analog meter system. It is NOT true that analog meters are no longer available. (In a free market, what is requested by the utility companies WILL be built! That’s common sense!) You could mention not wanting plastic smart meters with computer chips that are hackable. You could object to constant radio frequency signals that will be disruptive to pacemakers and other medical devices. You could point out that a percentage of these plastic meters overheat, melt and even sometimes cause fires. Memphis needs a referendum so that people can research smart meters and vote their choice AFTER exploring the pros and cons. Whatever you write (a little or a lot) PLEASE tell your City Council to VOTE NO to using funds for smart meters. The funds can be applied to other services, but WE WANT A REFERENDUM before MLGW commits to buying smart meters!! Here’s the list of City Council names. Copy and paste some or all names into your email. If you are not in the Memphis city limits, write anyway. Their decision WILL affect you!!! Tell them so!”

Here’s how to contact them:
Lee Harris <mailto:lee.Harris@memphistn.gov>,
Joe Brown <joe.Brown@memphistn.gov>,
Harold Collins <harold.Collins@memphistn.gov>,
Edmund Ford, Jr. <edmund.Fordjr@memphistn.gov>,
Bill Morrison <bill.Morrison@memphistn.gov>,
Shea Flinn <shea.Flinn@memphistn.gov>,
Jim Strickland <jim.Strickland@memphistn.gov>,
Myron Lowery <myron.Lowery@memphistn.gov>,
Janis Fullilove <janis.fullilove@memphistn.gov>,
Reid Hedgepeth <reid.Hedgepeth@memphistn.gov>,
Wanda Halbert <wanda.Halbert@memphistn.gov>,
Kemp Conrad <kemp.Conrad@memphistn.gov>,
Bill Boyd <bill.Boyd@memphistn.gov>

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