Protest Razing of Club

News has come out that the new owners of the 19th Century Club property on Union Avenue may intend to raze the building. The utilities have been pulled from it, which usually indicates demolition will occur.

Many of us remember the Hill mansion on Union which was demolished in 1978 and a loss to Memphis history. The restaurant that replaced it ended up going out of business within a year after it was boycotted.

Memphis Heritage is alarmed and wants to prevent another such occurrence. They recommend contacting Midtown Action Coalition, Midtown Memphis Development Corp, Memphis Heritage, Central Gardens and other organizations. You can also write to the owners:
Mr. and Mrs. Liang Lin
652 River West Circle
Marion, AR 72364-9042

and send a copy to:
Judge Larry Potter
General Sessions
201 Poplar
Memphis, TN 38103

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