The public has been denied tours of the White House as revenge over sequestration. That didn’t stop The Glad You Came Singers from getting one. James Ingham reports:

THE Wanted have revealed they had more fun using the White House toilets than meeting Michelle Obama.

The Glad You Came singers were filmed in Washington greeting the First Lady for their new E! reality show, which starts this week.

But what fans won’t see is the homemade videos the lads made while on the President’s bog.

Episode four of the new show The Wanted Life will see Max, Siva, Tom, Jay and Nathan all fighting over which order they stand in to meet Mrs. Obama.

Tom told me: “Michelle Obama is on the show, which is a weird experience.

“We’d met her before in London and she’d invited us to the White House, which was a pretty surreal experience.

“We might have stolen a sneaky something while we were in there but we can’t say.”

Demonstrating their toilet humour, Max said: “We got very excited about going to the loo in the White House.

“There’s a YouTube clip of some woman singing ‘sitting on the toilet’ so we were all doing that in the White House. It was a career highlight.”

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