Want to Be Effective?

So you’re a politically engaged person. What next? How do you take your views and get results? Mark Herr of the Tennessee Center for Self Governance will tell how at tonight’s Campaign for Liberty meeting. The June 24 event takes place at Jason’s Deli, 3473 Poplar behind Buster’s Liquor Store. Please order food by 6 p.m. if you intend to eat. The meeting begins at 6:30.

The institute offers concrete ways on how to influence legislators and policy at all levels of government. It gives citizens the knowledge, skills, and ability to articulate policy changes necessary to restore our government to its proper submissive role to the people. Mark will provide a mini-course on TNCSG seminars which when put into practice, gets results.

If you have any questions please call Mary Chick Hill 901/634-7494.

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