Don’t Cry for Paula

Since one of my other hobbies is cooking, I have watched the Food Network for years. I was never one to be smitten with Paula Deen; she cackles a little too much for me and does a lot of mixing of ingredients rather than cooking techniques.

I don’t object to her overuse of butter. It’s a free country – or used to be – and she can butter and sugar herself all she likes. She found out she had diabetes and made the most of that and her sons have taken advantage of her fame to launch their own careers. That’s all fine.

She has freedom of speech as well. If she said the n word, she shouldn’t be punished. I’m for people speaking their minds because then it lets me know what kind of person they are and I am free to accept or reject them on my own. We’re so busy politically correcting people that we often don’t really know what their true feelings are. When they get elected, that’s a problem, but that’s another story.

Once while watching her show, Deen had a segment with Jimmy Carter. The way she fawned over him told me she was an old line Democrat. So it wasn’t surprising to learn that she was an Obama supporter in 2008 and 2012, even raising money for him.

When celebrities or celebrity-ettes as she is, find themselves in public difficulty, maybe they should reconsider their actions. You contribute to the building of a world that limits freedom, keeps track of your every move and pronounces verdicts on you, don’t be surprised if you get caught in their net. This is the world they wanted when they voted for Obama.

For Deen, maybe it’s her just desserts.

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