Self Immolation Watch

With 15 Republican senators voting for the immigration bill, it got the cloture it needed and some momentum.

Here’s who voted for open borders: Tennessee’s own, Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander; Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire; Jeff Chiesa, the newly appointed sub for dead Frank Lautenberg; Susan Collins of Maine; Jeff Flake and John McCain of Arizona; Lindsey Graham (SC); Orrin Hatch of Utah; Dean Heller (Nevada); John Hoeven (Neb); Mark Kirk (IL); Lisa Murkowski (Alaska); Marco Rubio (Fla); and Roger Wicker (Mississippi).

There are some surprises on the list like Wicker and Flake who appears to have been costuming himself as a conservative for last November’s election, when he is actually a RINO. Corker figures he’s safe, too, since he just won an easy reelection and people might not remember in six years. (We will.)

What is most surprising, though, is how many Republican presidential candidates Barack Obama snared in his spider web. Rubio entered it more naively than a child dressed as the Easter Bunny at Freddie Kreuger’s house on Halloween. Is he really that dumb? I haven’t seen someone get that snookered in a long time. Rubio just threw his presidential chances in the toilet. He made it easy for the Democrats to put him out of the competition.

Another loser is Chris Christie. He’s been spitting in our faces a lot ever since his dull convention speech, followed by his embrace of O after Hurricane Sandy and subsequent obsequiousness for disaster money. Rather than take the opportunity to use Lautenberg’s death as a launching pad for a viable Republican candidate, Christie puts in this Chiesa so his main gubernatorial contender, Corey Booker, will go for the easy Senate prize rather than run against Christie. That was a kick in the pants to all Republicans. Now the guy who he put in, Chiesa, goes for the amnesty/immigration bill.

Is Christie thinking of switching parties by doing this? Does he think this will help him run for president?

Then Paul Ryan hasn’t helped himself either. After the Senate bill passed, he said “I think that, that passing makes this final passage more likely.” Is he tone deaf? After his loss does he really think Republicans want Congress to roll over and do what Obama wants? Does he think this will gain him any votes in the GOP primaries? Maybe he’s stupid as well as naive.

Now that the Senate has helped wipe out future GOP candidates, Obama’s ready to toss this fireball over to the House and see who burns up next. He’s already got Ryan, so will Boehner immolate, too?

The idea that they are even considering this lesser issue when jobs, the economy and the enveloping scandals of the Obama administration are affecting every citizen’s daily life, is perplexing.

The only reason Obama is pushing it is to set the House afire and get Democrats in there in 2014. So far, our team is helping him.

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